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Latest Event:

Princess Diana Exhibit!

210 East Ocean Blvd.

Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 432-6700

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Doug says,

"If mom's happy,

I'm happy!"

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Sign of the Dove has recently launched it's "Nurse's Heart" program.

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Welcome to The Breakers of Long Beach, the premiere retirement facility serving the Long Beach area.





The Breakers of Long Beach, the premier Assisted Living Community, is designed to deliver nurturing care in a stimulating environment. The physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of our residents is always our first consideration. We are determined to make your stay a great experience.




Assisted living is a combination of services for elderly who do not require full time care, yet cannot live completely independent. The difference in our assisted living community is dramatic. We maintain a spirit of wellness. We understate the clinical aspect and accentuate the social and recreational. Our amenities are hotel and homelike. Our suites can be furnished elegantly and are spacious. Our service is hospitality oriented: we offer choices at mealtime, our residents are dressed in stylish everyday attire, we go out on trips, we offer room service, we offer meaningful recreational activities, and we cater to individual needs. Most important, the cost of our program is affordable.






All of your meals and snacks are included. You choose from a wide variety of food prepared by our talented chef, and enjoy your meals in a spacious dining room. Most modified diets can be accommodated, including no concentrated sugars, no added salt, vegetarian, low fat / low cholesterol, and pureed. Your guests are always welcome at any meal for a nominal charge.